How to Schedule or Reschedule a meeting request in Microsoft Office Outlook

Is it really difficult to reschedule a meeting request?

I must say no, nothing is difficult in this world if you know about it. When you don’t know how to work with the equipment, how to drive a car, how to launch a missile?  Then it’s difficult.

Everything is difficult if you haven’t learned and practiced. When you do it everything becomes easy and then we say very confidently that it is very easy and everybody can do it.

Just like scheduling or rescheduling a meeting request, you can delay or schedule a mail and recall a sent mail.

I have mentioned step by step process with screenshots to schedule or reschedule a meeting request in Microsoft Office Outlook.

Step-1: Create a meeting request by just following steps:

File Menu > New > Meeting Request

Or by just pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q keys in the keyboard.

meeting request

Step-2: Just schedule your meeting request as per your requirement. Here I have scheduled a meeting request on 22nd Jun 2013 from 12:00PM to 01:00PM. Now just click on send button to send the meeting request to the recipients you want to send.

meeting request

Now in sent item you can see how your scheduled meeting request looks like. Everything is mentioned there the required person name (hide for security purposes), When, Location & Description.

meeting request

Recipient will get a meeting request and it will look like below mentioned snap shot. Now recipient will have to click on Accept button to send response against your meeting request.

meeting request

It will ask him/her to send response to you. Just choose “Send the response now” and click on OK button.

meeting request

You will get a confirmation email of meeting request. Your meeting request is accepted but if you want to reschedule it then follow below mentioned steps.

meeting request

Step-3: Now you want to reschedule the meeting request then open the calendar and double click on your meeting request and reschedule the subject and date-time according to you.

meeting request

Step-4: Here I have changed subject as rescheduled and timing from 2:00PM to 3:00PM. And it is showing that 1 attendee accepted. Click on Send update button to send updated meeting request.

meeting request

In sent item, you can check how it looks like. Old date and timings will be crossed and new timings will be applicable.

meeting request

New date & timing will reflect in recipient’s inbox, here it will again ask you to accept meeting request. Just click on accept button to verify the schedule.

meeting request

Now, I hope you understand how to schedule or reschedule a meeting.

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  • Shashank

    Thanks for the help !!

  • Sasikumar Krishnan

    Great tips bro. I know how to schedule one meeting, but i wanted to know how to reschedule a meeting without cancelling the meeting request. this post helped me. Thanks for sharing.

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