Best tips to Write 100% Original Unique Content for Blog or Website

In this article I will explain you how to write 100% original unique content for your blog or website.

When you write any article, first you decide its Title which is the main part of your article. So your article starts from Title which contains at least 2 or more words.

100% original content

1) Suppose your article title is 5 words long then search it in Google and check how many times it is coming into the search. If it is more than 75% then make some changes and repeat the same step. Now if it is coming less than 50% then you can choose this Title for your blog or website.

2) When you write your article make some Headings & Sub-headings and highlight them to visualize and search easily through search engines.

3) Always use bulleted points to visualize the content.

4) Don’t forget to add some images and alt tag with it. Adding alt tags is vital for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

<img src="location_url" alt="searchable_some_text">

<img src="myname.jpg" alt="My Name" width="324" height="208">

5) If you don’t know about the topic which you are writing then do some research and read a lot about it. Don’t copy the article from other website.

6) After reading and taking some idea from other websites, write article in your own words. By this way you can write 100% original unique content.

Note: I am again updating this post on request of my readers.

Whatever i wrote above in my article is true which i did after a lots of hard work and the same can be seen here.

original content on google

when you search “unique content” it comes with 595,000,000 results. but when you search “original unique content” then it comes with 196,000,000 results.

So i wrote my own title which comes with 1,860,000 results and you can check it by searching in Google.

I am not saying it will always be on 1st page but right now when i am posting it, its on 1st page.

100 percent original content

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