How to increase Virtual Memory Size in Windows XP

If you are getting continuous message that “Virtual Memory is too Low” and you are unable to identify the root cause by using checking memory utilization method. Then I must say you should increase Virtual Memory size to get rid of this message.

Here you have to follow some steps to do it:

You have to right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties” option.


Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > double click on System icon

increase virtual memory size

Following screen will show you system properties, here you have to select “Advanced” tab and click on Settings of Performance panel.

increase virtual memory size

Now you will get Performance options screen, in this you have to click on Change to change Virtual Memory size.

increase virtual memory size

Here you can increase your virtual memory size by 1.5 times of your RAM. It is standard but if you have already increased 1.5 times of RAM then it is up to you how much you have to increase. But as per standard if you have 1GB RAM then your Virtual memory size should be 1.5GB.

increase virtual memory size

Now set initial size and maximum size, Click on set and Ok to finish.

Virtual memory combines computer’s RAM with temporary space of your hard disk. When RAM runs very low, virtual memory moves some data from RAM to a space called paging file. Moving data to the paging file frees up RAM to complete its work.

Now restart your PC.

increase virtual memory size

Now I hope you understood how to increase Virtual Memory size who didn’t know.

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