How to set Out of Office Auto Reply in Microsoft Office Outlook without Exchange Server

The following method will be applicable for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 without Exchange Server but if your e-mail account is connected / configured to Microsoft Exchange Server, Please click here to configure the same.

Step-1: Open your outlook and create a new message as shown in figure.

Subject: I am out of Office till 1st Aug (Out of Office Auto Reply)
Message: Thank you for your email. Right now I am out of office and will be back at 1st Aug. In case of any urgency please call me on my cell phone at +91-9999999999.

210720131 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 2: Click File menu> Save As to save the message as Outlook Template.

210720132 Out of Office Auto Reply

Note: I have given screen shot for Outlook 2003 but the same is also fit for Outlook 2007, 2010 & Outlook 2013.

Step 3: Here select “Outlook Template” and click on Save button.

210720133 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 4: Now close the e-mail message and Click Tools > Rules and Alerts.

210720134 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 5: Click New Rule button.

210720135 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 6: Check “where my name is in the To box” and click Next button.

Step 7: Check “reply using a specific template” and then click the mentioned label “a specific template” under “Step 2” to select the template.

210720136 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 8: Now you have to select “User Templates in File System” on the right drop down menu of “Look In”, the template “Out of Office Auto Reply” which you have already saved will be there.
Select it and click Open button. Now click Next button after click on check “except if it is an Out of Office message”.

210720137 Out of Office Auto Reply

Step 9: Type “Out of Office” in the edit box to specify the rule name and click finish to set the rule.

210720138 Out of Office Auto Reply

By this way you can set out of office auto reply in Microsoft Office Outlook without Exchange Server.

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