5 Easy Steps to Add Photo in a Tweet

Many people want to share their photo in a tweet. You may have seen many tweets with interesting photos, how they do it? Is there any software to add an image in a tweet?

The answers is NO, this is in-built feature of Twitter. You can also add a photo in a tweet. Here are few simple steps to add a photo in your tweet.

Upload Photos on Twitter

How to add photo in a Tweet:

Step-1: Click on the blue Compose button for creating a new Tweet.

Step-2: Click on the camera icon below your composed tweet.

Step-3: Now select the photo file you want to upload in your tweet.


If you’re tweeting with your Smart phone, you can also take a photo with it.

Step-4: Once a photo is selected, you will see there a thumbnail image which will appear as an attachment.

Here your Tweet’s will also count pic.twitter.com URL for your image.

Step-5: Now type your message or link and select Tweet to post your message, link and photo.

That’s it….

Things to remember while adding an image in a tweet:

You can upload GIF, JPEG and PNG photos up to 3MB only.

You can upload 1 image/photo per tweet.

You can delete your image/photo by deleting tweet that contains it. Once a tweet is deleted, associated image will also be deleted permanently but the image may still be cached with some browsers and servers.

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