How to Generate Huge Traffic From Others Blog

There are many ways to generate huge traffic to your blog but here I will share top 3 best ways to generate huge traffic to your blog.

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I have seen many blogger who have failed to get huge traffic to their blog. The main reason is that they already know the secret but they don’t implement it with their blog. So this is the right time to implement these 3 best tips to generate huge traffic to your blog.

generate huge traffic

1). Create Your Own Theme or Plugin

This is not as easy as it sounds but you can get huge traffic by creating your own theme or plugin for WordPress. You can add your blog link to these plugins or themes. By this way you can catch the attention of more visitors to your blog.

2). Start Guest Posting on Others Blog

Another most popular and easiest method to generate huge traffic is to start guest posting on others blog. If you write eye catching title with unique quality content, you can also get huge traffic to your blog. You may also write guest post for us.  You will get a do-follow backlink that will help you to increase your page rank as well as traffic to your blog.

Guest posting/blogging helps to build a good relationship with other blog readers as well.

3). Start Commenting on Others Blog

Third and simplest method to catch the attention of more visitors is by commenting on others blog. When you comment on others blog, you create a connection with new bloggers that helps you to get more visitors to your blog.

It also helps to increase page rank of your blog.

Only thinking about these tips will not acquire huge traffic to your blog.

Then what are you waiting for, this is the right time to start working on these 3 tips.

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  • thomas konal

    Great tips Really they are very useful. Thanks!!

  • Computer Tech

    I love this site and its content….. but how would you know that a content from guest author is 100% original..

    • There are many websites like who offer Plagiarism Checker. You can check article duplicacy there.

  • Kimberly Ochwnagi

    #3 Start Commenting on Others Blog…brilliant! I truly believe you’ll connect with many great bloggers by doing this one strategy. Takes time but effective!

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