21 Awesome Things Google Can Do For You – Try It

You will be surprised that 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made through Google last year i.e. 2013. Most of people still don’t know what Google can do so much more.

Google Searches Per Year

In this article we have gathered some useful things that Google can do for you.

Just give it a try and don’t forget to share if it is found useful.

1) Google helps you in suggesting right phrase or keywords.

  • Just type anything in Google Search, it will suggest you some phrases or top keywords.

Awesome Things by Google

2) Google helps you in deciding what to eat for dinner.

  • Type cheeseburger vs pizza or cheeseburger vs hamburger, it will show comparison between these two.

Awesome Things by Google

Awesome Things by Google

3) You can use Google as a timer.

  • Write set timer 2 minutes and press enter, your timer will start. You can take any time in place of 2. You can also take 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Awesome Things by Google

4) It will give you the exact time of Sunrise for any city.

  • You can type any city name like sunrise in Delhi or sunrise in new york.

Awesome Things by Google

5) It will give you the exact time of Sunset for any city.

  • You can type any city name like sunset in Delhi or sunset in new york.

Awesome Things by Google

6) Google will convert for you just like inches to cm.

  • Just enter from which form to which form you want conversion.

Awesome Things by Google

7) Google will translate for you.

  • Just type from which language to which language you want to get translation.  Here you can see English to Chinese translation and in below snapshot English to Hindi translation.

Awesome Things by Google Awesome Things by Google

8) You can calculate exact tip amount for your meals.

  • You can adjust the percentage and number of people dining.

Awesome Things by Google

9) Do a search for “recursion” and get stuck in a loop.

  • Type recursion in Google Search and you will get stuck in a loop and it will show a message “Did you mean: recursion”.

Awesome Things by Google

10) Google will give you information about any company.

  • You can type company name and founder or founder of company name, it will give you information about the company.

Awesome Things by Google

Awesome Things by Google

11) Type the word “tilt” and watch what happens.

  • Just type the word tilt and you will see results of web page are tilted.

Awesome Things by Google

12) Google will do some tricks for you. 

  • Type the words “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens.

Awesome Things by Google

13) You can check your flight status.

  • Type your flight no and check the status on Google Search box. Here ai (Air India) 466 (Flight No) flight status (to check the flight status).

Awesome Things by Google

14) Google will show the weather forecast of any city.

  • Just type city name followed by “forecast.”

Awesome Things by Google

15) You can play the hidden game zerg rush.

  • You can play this hidden game by just typing zerg rush in Google Search box. Check out this game.

Awesome Things by Google

16) Check results of any particular website.

  • You can check the results of any particular website by just typing “site:itbloggertips.com”. Here itbloggertips.com is my website name. you can put your website name and can check how it works.

Awesome Things by Google

17) Google can show you movie times and locations.

  • If you want to know about movie and their information, do same as shown in below snapshot.

Awesome Things by Google

18) Google can find songs for you by bands you like.

  • Type songs by followed by your favorite singer.

Awesome Things by Google

19) Google will show you release date of any book.

  • If you want to know about release date of any book, type book name followed by release date.

Awesome Things by Google

20) Google can show you books written by your favorite author.

  • Type books by followed by your favorite author name.

Awesome Things by Google

21) Google will search photographs from any other image.

  • If you want to search any other similar or same photographs, you can drag the image into the search tool. It will help you to locate the original source of the image or similar images.

Awesome Things by Google

I hope you have liked these 21 awesome things that Google can do for us, share it with your friends and colleagues. If you know anything else, write in comment section.

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