7 People Who were “Born To Inspire” – Never Giveup

There are more than 164 millions of blogs running on the Internet. Most of these blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month. Even they give up in first few months because they dream to earn good amount of money in few months from the blog rather than writing quality content. Unique and Quality content is the key to success. Lesson from 3-Idiots Movie:

“Kamyab Nahi Kabil Hone Ke Liye Padho, Kamyabi Jhak Maarke Pichhe Ayegi”

So write quality contents for the readers, money will automatically come to your way.

If you have failed to achieve your desired targets, try and try hard till you don’t get what you have planned. 7 most successful leaders who are born to inspire.

These leaders are:

1) Bill gates (Founder, Microsoft)
2) Colonel Sanders (Founder, KFC)
3) Jack Ma (Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group)
4) Elon Musk (CEO and CTO, SpaceX)
5) Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)
6) Henry Ford (Founder, Ford Motor Company)
7) Soichiro Honda (Founder, Honda Motor Co. Ltd.) .

Following pics will give you a quick glimpse of the challenges and failures these leaders overcame to be successful.

1) Bill Gates:

Before Microsoft he created Traf-o-Data but it didn’t work out and the idea became obsolete.

Bill Gates
2) Colonel Sanders:

He was rejected 1009 times before his first chicken was sold.

Colonel Sanders
3) Jack Ma:

He failed the college entrance exam twice and got rejected from 30 jobs including KFC.

Jack Ma
4) Elon Musk:

He lived in the same warehouse where he rented his office. He took shower in the locker rooms of a local stadium near his warehouse.

Elon Musk
5) Richard Branson:

He survived through Dyslexia in his teenage. His headmaster told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

Richard Branson
6) Henry Ford:

He burned through all the money from his first group of investors without producing a Car. His Detroit Auto Company went bankrupt.

Henry Ford
7) Soichiro Honda:

He invented a Piston ring, got rejected by Toyota. His factory got destroyed in an earthquake.

Soichiro Honda

Image courtesy:  wittyfeed – facebook.com/wittyfeed/posts/689106134529031

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