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How to Export Saved Passwords from Firefox?

Password exporter firefox extension

This question is asked by one of my readers that how to export saved passwords from Firefox. Why you need to export your saved passwords from Firefox? You need to export your saved passwords: When you want to format your computer. Want to backup of your passwords before upgrading computer operating system. Want to import

How to Embed a Website into Another Website

How to Embed a Website

This feature is used by many newbie as well as professional bloggers to show the contents of other websites into their own website. You can embed any web page / website into your own website by just adding a single line of code. You need not to be a professional developer, just use below syntax

How to Add Exclusions in McAfee Antivirus Software

How to Add Exclusions in McAfee Antivirus Software

I am using Windows-7 system along with McAfee antivirus software. Today I got an issue while launching my website where McAfee antivirus software was installed. I troubleshooted everything but I was unable to resolve the issue. Somewhere I read that McAfee blocks connections and if your website folder or your application file (.exe) is not

How to Install Google Drive on your computer?

How to Install Google Drive in Windows

What is Google Drive? Google Drive enables you to store and access your files from anywhere in the world. You can access all your data from Google Drive to any device like Computer, Smart Phone, and Tablet. If you are connected to the internet, it syncs every device where Google Drive is installed whether you

How to change your Payee Name or Address in Google Adsense Account

How to Change Payee Address

According to Google Adsense, Google Adsense allows you to change your Payee Name or Address. In most locations, you will have the option “Edit Payee Name ” to change your payee name within your Google Adsense account. Note: Google Adsense terms and conditions don’t permit transfers of account ownership. Steps to change your Payee Name

How to Create Website Thumbnail Online of Any Size – webthumbnail

How to Generate Online Thumbnail any size

What to do if you need thumbnail of your website or any other website? The answer is simple, just Google and you will find so many websites and ways to thumbnail of our website but in this article we have published a website by which you can create website thumbnail online of any size.

How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome/Internet Explorer to Firefox?

How to Import Bookmarks to Firefox

If you are having trouble in importing your Internet Explorer or Chrome bookmarks to Firefox, this article will help you to import all the data from another browser to Firefox. Well this is not as difficult as it sounds but for newbie, it may be tough. I have remembered those days when I joined computer

Top 100+ High PR Directory Submission Sites of 2014

High PR Directory Submission Sites

There are so many high Google PR directory sites available over the internet. But in this article you will get top 100 Google PR directory sites for quality Backlinks. To get quality Backlinks and huge traffic towards the blog, it is always suggested to post articles on top 100 high PR social bookmarking sites too

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