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How to add Twitter share and Follow buttons to your blog or website

ADD Twitter share & Follow buttons Add twitter share button and follow button to your website to help your visitors to share web content and connect with you on Twitter. If you want to share content of your website then use following code and change blue color website name to your own website/blog name. You

5 Key Differences Between Blog and Website

Differences between Blog and Website You may find many questions over the internet like. Which is better option (Creating Blog or Website) for making money online? What’s the difference between Blog and Website? It seems difficult to answer but actually it’s not. Many people are using websites to make money online and many using blogs.

How to add Linkedin share, follow and recommended button to website/blog

How to Install the LinkedIn Share, Follow and Recommended Button to you website/blog. I have heard a lot of questions about how to drive traffic to back my web site. Here i am posting this article about LinkedIn button and scripts to share, follow and recommend your website on Linkedin and drive traffic back to

How to create short URL using Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener takes long URLs and short them into fewer characters to make link easier to share, e-mail and tweet at twitter. You can simply use those short codes to your computer, mobile or anywhere else. Just follow the link and paste your long URL into the box and click on Shorten URL. It

How to add two sidebar columns below main sidebar in Blogger

Sometimes we need to add two sidebar columns below main sidebar to show advertisements or to add some gadgets. If you want to add it in your blogger template just like me then follow some simple steps. Select “Template“  and take “backup”of your template as mentioned below and click on “Edit HTML”. Step-1:  Look for

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