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Best Websites to Learn HTML, CSS, Java Script and PHP

HTML CSS Java Script

As we know that programming languages are the foundation for every blogger. Without its basic as well as advance knowledge we can’t even create a single page for our blog or website. I also don’t know a lot about all the programming languages but I am practicing them from some websites and want to share

How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

backup template

You should always backup your blogger template before making any changes Step-1: Open website. Step-2: Login into blogger account using Gmail account. Step-3: Click on Overview option. Step-4: Click on Template option under my blogs. Step-5: Now click on Backup/Restore button and click on “Download full template”. Once you downloaded your template you can

How to Change Your Blog Address

Change Your Blog Address

In my previous post you learned how to create a free blog; in this article you will learn how to change your current blog address. Follow below mentioned steps to change your blog address. Step-1: Open website. Step-2: Login into blogger account using Gmail account. Step-3: Click on Overview option. Step-4: Click on Settings

How to Create a Free Blog – For Beginners

Create Free Blog

I know it’s not very difficult to start a new and free blog but this article is dedicated to all newbie bloggers who don’t know how to start and where to start. You can also check these 5 Best Blogging Websites to Create Free Blog and can find out 5 key differences between Blog and

Blogging Tips- How to Make Your Blog Popular

Make Your Blog Popular

There are so many thoughts come into my mind when I write any article for my website. Is it required to have a Good Domain Name? Successful Tips to Choose Right Domain for Your Blog Is it necessary to update and write best articles for website? Can I get huge traffic to my website overnight?

5 Best Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Speed Up Your Website

Load time of any website is one of the most crucial factors which affect its usability. Most of the website owners and bloggers forget or fail to speed up their website.  But it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can use these 5 tips to speed up your website drastically. 1). How to Reduce

Add Anchor Tags to Jump on a Specific Location in a Page

anchor tags

I am writing this article for beginners who want to add anchor tags to jump within a post/article or page. The feature is used to jump on a specific keyword or heading in a post. Suppose you have a large amount of data in your article and you want to jump on a specific keyword

How to Generate Huge Traffic From Others Blog

generate huge traffic

There are many ways to generate huge traffic to your blog but here I will share top 3 best ways to generate huge traffic to your blog. 5 Secret Ways to Generate Huge Blog Traffic from Pinterest I have seen many blogger who have failed to get huge traffic to their blog. The main reason

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