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How to Add Submit to Reddit Button in Blogger or Website

Boost Traffic to Reddit

Every blogger wants to get huge visitors to the blog or website. How other bloggers get huge visitors to the blog? There are so many ways to get huge visitors to the blog like by writing 100% unique awesome articles, by commenting to other websites, by posting articles to social bookmarking sites, by joining forums

How to Search Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a dream of every blogger to drive huge traffic towards the blog in a very short duration but it’s not possible without proper search engine optimization. This is the basic question asked by many newbie bloggers. Is it really difficult to drive huge traffic towards the blog? The Answers is: No, it’s not as

How to Remove Underline from Hyperlink

Hyperlink Code

There are many ways to remove underline from hyperlink but first we need to understand what a hyperlink is: What is hyperlink in HTML? A hyperlink is a word, group of words, or an image that links to another web page or document. Generally the text is underlined with a bright color and when you

How to Submit Website to DMOZ Open Directory

DMOZ Directory Submission

Why to submit website to DMOZ open directory? This question arises many times when someone says you should submit website in DMOZ open directory. The answer of this question is: There are many search engines like GOOGLE and AOL use websites index data from DMOZ open directory project.  It is essential for websites owners to

How to Turn on Recent Items in Windows-7

Turn On Recent Items in Win-7

Recent items are very popular and useful list for recently used items/files in the computer.  It doesn’t show on Newly installed Windows-7 operating system. If you want to show recent items on the right side of Start Menu, follow the below mentioned process to turn it on. Recent Items folder is located on following path:

How to Turn off Recent Items in Windows-7

Turn Off Recent Items in Win-7

Recent items are very popular list of recently used items in the computer.  In my previous article you have seen how to turn on recent items in Windows-7. In this article I am showing you how to turn off recent items in Windows-7. Recent Items folder is located on following path: C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Or  (Type following

How to Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode in Oracle 10g/11g

Enable Archive Log Mode

It’s a prime responsibility of Oracle DBA to keep database up 24×7 but there may be some chances when your database gets crash. If your database gets crash and you want to recover it using archive log files then your database must be in archive mode. If your database is in archive made then you

How to Create Index in Oracle SQL with Example

Create index in Oracle SQL

What is an Index? Index is created on existing tables to retrieve data more quickly. This is a performance tuning method for faster retrieval of records from a table. By default oracle creates B-tree indexes when you create an index on a table. If you want to create an index on a table you can

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