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How to Multiplex Redo Log Files in Oracle

multiplex redo log files

As a DBA, it’s your responsibility to multiplex redo log files just like multiplexing control files to protect your organization data loss due to media failure or redo log file corruption. Follow below steps to multiplex redo log files. Step-1: Connect to a database Connect to SQL*Plus as the system/manager@yourdb user. SQL> CONNECT system/manager@testdb AS

How to Multiplex Control Files in Oracle

multiplex control file

As a DBA, you know that control files play a very important role in oracle database. If the control files are corrupt, can you start your database? No, you can’t do it. So what should be done to avoid such type of corruption? As a DBA, it’s your responsibility to multiplex control files to protect

How to Check If a Comment Link is NoFollow or DoFollow?


I have seen many articles that publish DoFollow commenting websites. But this is really a big question because are they actually dofollow commenting websites? May be Yes or May be Not. I am not claiming that the website owners are wrong because when they published the article at that time those blogs or websites might

How to Check the Version of Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershell

For some applications to run smoothly, Windows PowerShell is prerequisite. You have to install PowerShell in your system externally but in Win 7, it is in-built and you need not to install it externally. How to check Windows Powershell is installed or not? Or How to check the version of Windows PowerShell? Sometimes users are

How to Check the Version of Windows Installer

Windows Installer

Sometimes when you install some software’s or windows updates, it requires certain version of Windows installer. Now the question is that how to check which version is installed in your system? It’s really easy to figure out which version of windows installer is installed in your system. You have to issue the following command on

How to Register MSCOMCT2.OCX in Windows 7

Register MSCOMCT2

I got following error while incorporating “Microsoft Windows Common Control-2 6.0(SP2) into my Visual Basic 6.0 application. What is the reason of this error? I Google a lot and find out many answers of this problem. Check out below steps to resolve this issue which helped me to get out of this problem. Default locations

How to Embed YouTube Videos to Your Blog or Website

Embed YouTube Video

Do you want to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog? It’s easy to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog using either iframe or HTML object tag. Follow below mentioned steps to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog. Step-1: Open YouTube website and find the video you want to embed. Step-2: Click on “Share” button below

How to Enable/Disable USB Ports via Registry

disable USB ports

Why people want to disable USB ports in computer? There are many reasons to disable USB ports in computer like below. Keep your important data’s secure from outsiders. To safe your data from viruses. I am posting this method to enable/disable USB ports in your computer. Enable/Disable USB ports via Registry: Step-1: Click on Start

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