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How to Enable/Disable USB Ports via Registry

disable USB ports

Why people want to disable USB ports in computer? There are many reasons to disable USB ports in computer like below. Keep your important data’s secure from outsiders. To safe your data from viruses. I am posting this method to enable/disable USB ports in your computer. Enable/Disable USB ports via Registry: Step-1: Click on Start

How to Find Your Older Tweets on Twitter

All Tweets Since 2006

Sometimes we want to see our few year older tweets on twitter but it’s not as easy as it sounds because we tweet thousands of tweets in a year.  It seems difficult to get them. Is there any way to get first tweet or older tweets? Yes, Topsy will help you to find your older

How to See All Your Tweets on One Page

View All Tweets

Is it really difficult to see all your tweets on one page? Is there any way to see all the tweets on one page? Yes, you can see all your tweets using All My Tweets. The website displays all your tweets on one page. How to add Twitter share & Follow buttons to your

How to Repair and Avoid Bad Sectors in Hard Disk

Fix Bad Sector

No third party software. No licensing cost. No call for IT support. 5 Easy steps to protect your folder (ProtectMyFolder) without any software Then how will you fix these issues in your Hard Disk? No need to worry, you can repair and avoid bad sectors in your hard disk. Microsoft provides in-built feature to repair

How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

backup template

You should always backup your blogger template before making any changes Step-1: Open website. Step-2: Login into blogger account using Gmail account. Step-3: Click on Overview option. Step-4: Click on Template option under my blogs. Step-5: Now click on Backup/Restore button and click on “Download full template”. Once you downloaded your template you can

How to Change Your Blog Address

Change Your Blog Address

In my previous post you learned how to create a free blog; in this article you will learn how to change your current blog address. Follow below mentioned steps to change your blog address. Step-1: Open website. Step-2: Login into blogger account using Gmail account. Step-3: Click on Overview option. Step-4: Click on Settings

How to Create a Free Blog – For Beginners

Create Free Blog

I know it’s not very difficult to start a new and free blog but this article is dedicated to all newbie bloggers who don’t know how to start and where to start. You can also check these 5 Best Blogging Websites to Create Free Blog and can find out 5 key differences between Blog and

How to Show or Hide File Extension in Windows Explorer

Show or Hide File Extension

Sometimes it’s really annoying when user don’t know the file extension when someone asks. User has to check the properties of that file but there is an option to check the file extension without opening properties of a file. It’s a onetime activity and in-built feature of Microsoft operating system. 5 simple steps to show

How to Create an Image Email Signature in Outlook 2007

Create an Email Signature

This is best way to repeat an image signature or any other text in your e-mail while creating a new message or replying/forwarding an email. There is no need to write again and again the same thing. How to Create a Meeting Request as an attached calendar link You can use following 7 steps to

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