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11 Excel Analysis Tools – Must Learn

Microsofy Excel Analysis Tools

In this tutorial we will let you know some powerful features of Excel that will make your work life easier in day to day analysis activities. Everybody must learn these analysis skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are a civil engineer or a software engineer / data analyst / general manager, these Excel tips are

How to Display the Developer tab in the Toolbar?

Display the Developer tab in the Toolbar

This step by step guide will explain how to display the developer tab in the Toolbar of Excel 2007. You need a developer tab to open the VBA editor, Macros and create Form/ActiveX Controls like buttons, check-boxes, etc. Step-1: Open Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and click on START button in the top left of your

How to Change the Cursor Movement Direction in Excel

Change Cursor Movement in Excel

Whether you are an associate or owner of a company, you can’t work without Excel. In this article we have explained how to change the cursor movement direction in Excel. By default, cursor moves top to down when you press an Enter key on your Keyboard. As mostly data is entered into columns so it

How to configure Microsoft Outlook for your Gmail account

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Although most of people use web based Google E-Mail system (Gmail) but some of us want to handle Gmail mails from client software’s like Microsoft Outlook. If you want to handle your Gmail mails from Microsoft Outlook, follow below instructions to configure Gmail account on Outlook. How to enable POP3 or IMAP account in Gmail

How to enable POP or IMAP settings in Gmail Account?

Enable POP or IMAP Settings in Gmail

What are POP and IMAP in Gmail? POP and IMAP allows you to download email messages from Gmail’s servers onto your Desktop so you can access your mails with a program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, even when you aren’t connected to the Internet. To read your Gmail messages from a client or device that

Top 11 Most Popular Outlook Tips and Tricks

Outlook Tips and Tricks

Today I am writing this article to unite all my previous outlook tips and tricks at one place. In this article you will learn how to create a meeting request, recall a sent email, import/export outlook contacts and many more. 1) How to Create an Image Email Signature in Outlook 2007 7 steps to create

How to Create an Image Email Signature in Outlook 2007

Create an Email Signature

This is best way to repeat an image signature or any other text in your e-mail while creating a new message or replying/forwarding an email. There is no need to write again and again the same thing. How to Create a Meeting Request as an attached calendar link You can use following 7 steps to

How to Forward a Message as an Attachment with MS Outlook

Forward a Message as an Attachment

As this is the basic feature of outlook to forward an email with friends or colleagues like reply of the emails. But you can forward an email as an attachment with your email. Why it is required to forward a message as an attachment when you can forward the main email. The main purpose of

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