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How to use LPAD and RPAD Function

LPAD and RPAD function

If you want to pad any character on the left side or right side of a string, you can use LPAD and RPAD functions. In this article you will see how to use LPAD and RPAD functions in Oracle. LPAD function: The LPAD function is used to pad the left side of a string with

NVL, DECODE, NVL2, COALESCE-NULL Functions in Oracle

This article will provide you a summary of the NULL functions available for handling null values in Oracle. All examples are described with the use of following table. CREATE TABLE TEST_NULL_VALUE ( test_id NUMBER(4), value1 VARCHAR2(12), value2 VARCHAR2(12), value3 VARCHAR2(12), value4 VARCHAR2(12), value5 VARCHAR2(12) ); INSERT INTO TEST_NULL_VALUE values (100, 'FIRST','SECOND','THIRD','FORTH','FIFTH'); INSERT INTO TEST_NULL_VALUE values

Difference in RANK, DENSE_RANK, FIRST and LAST Analytic Functions

Rank Dense_Rank

This article gives you an overview of the RANK, DENSE_RANK, FIRST and LAST analytic functions. First create a table STUDENT and insert some sample records to perform the task. CREATE TABLE STUDENT ( STUDENT_ID NUMBER(4), DEPT VARCHAR2(20), SCHOLARSHIP NUMBER(5)); INSERT INTO STUDENT VALUES(2001,'CS',800); INSERT INTO STUDENT VALUES(2002,'CS',950); INSERT INTO STUDENT VALUES(2003,'CS',1100); INSERT INTO STUDENT VALUES(2004,'EC',1250);

SQL Tips: LAG and LEAD Analytic Functions

LAG and LEAD functions

LAG and LEAD functions can be used in Oracle PL/SQL and apply on Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i and Oracle 8i versions. Let’s understand the difference between LAG and LEAD analytical functions in Oracle. First create a table called Student and insert some records in the table. CREATE TABLE STUDENT ( STUDENT_ID

PL/SQL Tutorial

Oracle PLSQL Tips

PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) stands for Procedural Language extension of SQL. This Oracle PL/SQL tutorial will teach you the basics of programming in PL/SQL like Cursors, Stored Procedures, PL/SQL functions, Packages, Triggers and many more. <—– PL/SQL Tutorial —–> How to send an E-Mail from 10g Oracle Database How to use LPAD and RPAD

How to send an E-Mail from 10g Oracle Database

email from plsql

Just follow the below mentioned steps to send an e-mail from Oracle 10g database using PL/SQL. Step:1    First install SMTP Service in Server as per steps given below. Go to Control Panel->  Add or Remove Programs-> Click on Add/Remove Windows Components Select Internet Information Service (IIS) option and click on Details button to check whether

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