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Top 25 Most Liked Pages on Facebook – Jul-2014

Most liked page Shakira

You will be happy to know that Shakira is Facebook’s most-liked person of Jul-2014. According to PageData, millions of people have liked pages of their friends, actors, actresses, politicians and many more.  But who is on the top of 25 list. Lets check the top 25 most liked pages on Facebook for Jul-2014 . 1)

How to Add Facebook Recommended Feed Box Widget

Facebook Recommendations Feed Box

Facebook recommended feed box displays the most recommended content of your blog or website. This is entirely different from the activity feed which displays only recent actions on your website. To get the Facebook Recommended Feed Box widget, first create your Facebook page then follow below steps to add it to Blogger/WordPress. How to add

How to Add Facebook Like Box Widget to Blogger/WordPress

Facebook Like Box

Facebook like box is specially designed only for Facebook Pages that helps you to promote the page and it also allows your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog updates via their Facebook accounts. When visitors like your page, they automatically receive updates about your blog on their Facebook account. To get the Facebook Like

How to Add Submit to Reddit Button in Blogger or Website

Boost Traffic to Reddit

Every blogger wants to get huge visitors to the blog or website. How other bloggers get huge visitors to the blog? There are so many ways to get huge visitors to the blog like by writing 100% unique awesome articles, by commenting to other websites, by posting articles to social bookmarking sites, by joining forums

How to Search Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a dream of every blogger to drive huge traffic towards the blog in a very short duration but it’s not possible without proper search engine optimization. This is the basic question asked by many newbie bloggers. Is it really difficult to drive huge traffic towards the blog? The Answers is: No, it’s not as

Top 5 Google PageRank Checker Websites

Google PageRank Checker

Yesterday Google surprised to every bloggers and webmasters by updating Google PageRank on 6th Dec 2013 after 10 months. This is the Christmas gift from Google to the World. I have started my blogging journey just before 6 months and got PageRank 0 to 2 in this Google PageRank update. This is the best gift

Google Toolbar PageRank Update 06th December 2013 Before Year End

Google Page Rank Update

Today Morning i.e. 06th Dec 2013, Google updated page rank after 10 months and this update shocked webmasters because nobody expected it in this year. Everybody was thinking that Google will update page rank in New Year 2014. We all were waiting for this Google toolbar pagerank update and now its end; Google updated page

How to Embed YouTube Videos to Your Blog or Website

Embed YouTube Video

Do you want to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog? It’s easy to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog using either iframe or HTML object tag. Follow below mentioned steps to embed YouTube videos to your website/blog. Step-1: Open YouTube website and find the video you want to embed. Step-2: Click on “Share” button below

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