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25 Nokia Secret Codes – Tips and Tricks

Nokia Secret Codes

It’s really difficult to memories so many codes but you can memories at least few important codes of NOKIA. Using the below codes you can easily check information about your NOKIA phones. These are the universal codes and will work on every NOKIA mobile. Unlock your mobile screen and type following codes to perform the

Unix Shell Script to Execute SQL Query in Oracle

unix shell script

There are many ways to run SQL query using Unix shell script. Here we have posted a shell script that will accept oracle user credentials (username & password) and SQL query to execute and display the output of SQL. You can run the script automatically in the background or use the cron job to generate

Turn On Free Fall Data Protection Feature

Free Fall Data Protection

What is Free Fall? This is the basic question which comes into the mind when we hear this phrase “Free Fall Data Protection”. What does it mean? So the answer is: Free Fall is an accelerometer on the Dell motherboard. When it senses a jolt, it powers down the HDD to protect it from any

How to Check the Version of Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershell

For some applications to run smoothly, Windows PowerShell is prerequisite. You have to install PowerShell in your system externally but in Win 7, it is in-built and you need not to install it externally. How to check Windows Powershell is installed or not? Or How to check the version of Windows PowerShell? Sometimes users are

How to Check the Version of Windows Installer

Windows Installer

Sometimes when you install some software’s or windows updates, it requires certain version of Windows installer. Now the question is that how to check which version is installed in your system? It’s really easy to figure out which version of windows installer is installed in your system. You have to issue the following command on

How to Register MSCOMCT2.OCX in Windows 7

Register MSCOMCT2

I got following error while incorporating “Microsoft Windows Common Control-2 6.0(SP2) into my Visual Basic 6.0 application. What is the reason of this error? I Google a lot and find out many answers of this problem. Check out below steps to resolve this issue which helped me to get out of this problem. Default locations

SEO Apps for iPhone Users

SEO Apps for iPhone Users

If you’re serious about improving your website’s search ranking, you probably put a lot of work in on a continual basis. It’s something that you’re always thinking about. From selecting the optimal Premium WordPress themes that include great SEO features to making sure that your content is original and keyword rich, you are always looking

Top 10 CSS Websites for Free Tutorials

CSS Tutorial

There are many online websites available which provides free CSS tutorial with examples and editor to live hands on. CSS is used to design HTML pages with gorgeous styles. You will learn short and sweet tutorial from following websites and can experiment live hands on with the editors. Best Websites to Learn HTML, CSS, Java

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