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How to Turn off Recent Items in Windows-7

Turn Off Recent Items in Win-7

Recent items are very popular list of recently used items in the computer.  In my previous article you have seen how to turn on recent items in Windows-7. In this article I am showing you how to turn off recent items in Windows-7. Recent Items folder is located on following path: C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Or  (Type following

Turn On Free Fall Data Protection Feature

Free Fall Data Protection

What is Free Fall? This is the basic question which comes into the mind when we hear this phrase “Free Fall Data Protection”. What does it mean? So the answer is: Free Fall is an accelerometer on the Dell motherboard. When it senses a jolt, it powers down the HDD to protect it from any

How to Check the Version of Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershell

For some applications to run smoothly, Windows PowerShell is prerequisite. You have to install PowerShell in your system externally but in Win 7, it is in-built and you need not to install it externally. How to check Windows Powershell is installed or not? Or How to check the version of Windows PowerShell? Sometimes users are

How to Check the Version of Windows Installer

Windows Installer

Sometimes when you install some software’s or windows updates, it requires certain version of Windows installer. Now the question is that how to check which version is installed in your system? It’s really easy to figure out which version of windows installer is installed in your system. You have to issue the following command on

How to Register MSCOMCT2.OCX in Windows 7

Register MSCOMCT2

I got following error while incorporating “Microsoft Windows Common Control-2 6.0(SP2) into my Visual Basic 6.0 application. What is the reason of this error? I Google a lot and find out many answers of this problem. Check out below steps to resolve this issue which helped me to get out of this problem. Default locations

How to Enable/Disable USB Ports via Registry

disable USB ports

Why people want to disable USB ports in computer? There are many reasons to disable USB ports in computer like below. Keep your important data’s secure from outsiders. To safe your data from viruses. I am posting this method to enable/disable USB ports in your computer. Enable/Disable USB ports via Registry: Step-1: Click on Start

How to Repair and Avoid Bad Sectors in Hard Disk

Fix Bad Sector

No third party software. No licensing cost. No call for IT support. 5 Easy steps to protect your folder (ProtectMyFolder) without any software Then how will you fix these issues in your Hard Disk? No need to worry, you can repair and avoid bad sectors in your hard disk. Microsoft provides in-built feature to repair

How to Show or Hide File Extension in Windows Explorer

Show or Hide File Extension

Sometimes it’s really annoying when user don’t know the file extension when someone asks. User has to check the properties of that file but there is an option to check the file extension without opening properties of a file. It’s a onetime activity and in-built feature of Microsoft operating system. 5 simple steps to show

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