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How to Create a Meeting Request as an attached calendar link

Attach Meeting request

When you want to invite people to attend some meeting, you just send a meeting request. Recipients accept the meeting request and add it to his or her calendar. When someone accepts meeting request it goes out from his or her Inbox but if you want to retain the same in his or her Inbox

How to increase Virtual Memory Size in Windows XP

increase virtual memory size

If you are getting continuous message that “Virtual Memory is too Low” and you are unable to identify the root cause by using checking memory utilization method. Then I must say you should increase Virtual Memory size to get rid of this message. Here you have to follow some steps to do it: You have

Fixed- Virtual Memory is too Low in Windows

virtual memory is too low

Here it is assumed that your system is running Windows XP operating system and you are getting this error message “Virtual Memory is too low”. Many of us don’t know how to identify which application is taking more and more virtual memory so that we can resolve the issue. There may be a problem of

How to Hide Partitions and Hard Drives in Windows XP

hide partitions and hard drives

If you have given access of your system to someone else and you don’t want him/her to access your important data which is kept in your drives. You can hide partitions and hard drives of your personal computer but it’s not a foolproof method but still you can use it. There are many more methods

How to check Active Network Connections (netstat command)


You can check all active network connections to your computer using following command. Step:1 Click on Start button and type cmd in run. Type netstat in command prompt, it shows the list of TCP connections and ports with their physical computer name listed for local addresses and the foreign addresses listed for remote addresses. It

How to reset Admin password with Windows XP login CD

reset admin password

It’s really annoying and problematic if you forgot your admin username and password. Now what can be done in this situation? You don’t have to be panic, you just need a Windows XP CD to reset Admin password. Follow the below mentioned steps to reset admin password. It will take approx. 30 minutes or depend

How to fix your PC problems with FixWin in a Click

fix your pc problems

Many of us are not expert of computer systems so we have to depend on other people to fix the issues of our computer. We run lots of programs and internet applications on daily basis. Lots of temporary files are stored in our computer and due to malicious and unwanted software installation from the internet

How to recover deleted E-Mails from Microsoft Office Outlook

recover deleted emails

Microsoft office outlook is used almost every places including corporate world. We read e-mails and delete unwanted e-mails from outlook. When you delete any e-mail from outlook it directly goes to delete floder till you don’t press Shift + delete. When you press Shift + Delete, it is permanently deleted from misrosoft office outlook. But

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