How to Make a GIF Animation from YouTube Video Free

How to Make a GIF Animation

You can make a GIF animation from YouTube video absolutely free. You Must Read: How to Make a Transparent Image without Any Software You can select any funny video from YouTube and convert it to GIF animation to share it with your friends over Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media networks. There are two methods

How to Make a Transparent Image without Any Software

How to Make Transparent Image

There are many online tools and software’s available to make the image transparent. Some of them are absolutely free and some of them can be obtained by online purchase. Is it really viable to give so much cost for a product to get the image transparent? I must say if free online tools and websites

How Quickly Can You Build A Network


How quickly can you build a network? It is possible to quickly build a network if you can find the right equipment and if you know how to tailor a network to your needs. Depending on the amount of computers that you want to connect, and the range of security protocols that you want to

Download YouTube Videos without Any Software

YouTube is the most popular and largest collection of video site. We watch online videos on YouTube and many of us want to download those videos into their personal computer. There is no direct option available at YouTube site to download videos into our computer. How to Download YouTube Videos? There are many Softwares, Add-ons

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL- Blogger Tips

How to redirect Blog URL to Another URL

You can use these two methods to redirect blogger URL to another URL or Blogspot URL to Any other Custom Domain.

How to Get 5 Quality Backlinks from High PR-9 Websites in 15 Minutes

Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for every Blog or Websites. You can get quality Backlinks by commenting on high PR sites, Joining forms and community sites, joining question and answer websites, guest posting, submitting article to social bookmarking and social networking websites. There are so many other ways also available on the internet to get Quality

How to Add Submit to Reddit Button in Blogger or Website

Boost Traffic to Reddit

Every blogger wants to get huge visitors to the blog or website. How other bloggers get huge visitors to the blog? There are so many ways to get huge visitors to the blog like by writing 100% unique awesome articles, by commenting to other websites, by posting articles to social bookmarking sites, by joining forums

How to Search Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a dream of every blogger to drive huge traffic towards the blog in a very short duration but it’s not possible without proper search engine optimization. This is the basic question asked by many newbie bloggers. Is it really difficult to drive huge traffic towards the blog? The Answers is: No, it’s not as

Best Blogging Guide for Newbie Bloggers – Don’t Miss

how to start a blog

When I started my blog IT Blogger Tips, I didn’t know anything about blogs or blogging. I kept on searching about How to Blog, How to create a Blog, How to start blogging and how to’s on Google. So much technical stuffs are available over the internet and that are really hard to follow. I

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