Top 5 Free Mug Printing Websites

Mug Printing Website

Sending gift to friends, colleagues and relatives is not in Indian culture only, everybody sends gift to their near and dear ones around the world. But today sending some innovative and beautiful gifts are in the trend. There are many ways to send beautiful and innovative gifts like you can send printed collection of photos

Top 10 Free Technology WordPress Themes of 2014

Free WordPress Theme

In our previous article you have seen 5 Free Optimized Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014. Why a blogger needs a good WordPress theme for the blog? I have already discussed the same in my previous post so today I am just showing you some best free technology WordPress themes for your blog. 1) MobileWorld MobileWorld

Monitor Everything that Happens on Your Computer

Monitoring Software

In the computer and internet world, security is the main concern, whether you are working at your home or at your office. You don’t know who uses your computer? Are you the only user who uses your computer or someone else is also using your computer in your absence? If someone else is also using

How to Search Free Images for your Blog using Flickr

How to Search Images

Everybody knows that an image in a blog post is worth a 1000 words. When you add an image to your blog post, it looks awesome and if you don’t add images to your blog post, you miss image search traffic as well as your content looks dull. Note: If you use someone else’s image

How to Take a Snapshot of a Web Page

Snapshot of a Webpage

There are many times when you want to take a snapshot of a web page. Why do you want to take a snapshot? Everybody knows that images are the best way to convey any message in more meaningful way. Screen captures can be useful for education, presentations, support, etc. When you capture any web page,

CRM Software Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management software is becoming increasingly important for contemporary businesses. It is used to evaluate customer interaction, access business information, automate sales and organize vendor, employee and partner relationships. In fact, it is utilized for a very wide range of disciplines. For this reason, CRM software must be fairly sophisticated in nature. There is

Free Online Tool to Detect WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme Detector Free online tool

You can easily get free WordPress themes from the internet but there may be some chances when you don’t know about the theme. How? Suppose you find a WordPress blog on the internet and you like the theme very much. You also want to purchase the same theme for your blog but you don’t know

7 Free Blogger Templates Websites of 2014

Free Blogger Templates DeluxeTemplates

Everybody wants to start a successful blogging career that is not really difficult. But Bloggers should remember following things when they start their blogging career. Which platform you should choose for blogging as a newbie blogger? How to choose your perfect domain name? Which template or theme you should select for your blog? How to

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