How to connect your GoDaddy hosting account with FileZilla

Connect with FileZilla

As you can’t archive a folder more than 20MB in web-based utility of GoDaddy and the reason could be anything like below that is just my opinion about this limitation. GoDaddy online archive utility is a web based utility and not designed to archive very huge amounts of data at once or limitations of using

Step by Step process of Restoring a MySQL Database from Godaddy

Restore from Godaddy

There is a simple process of restoring a MySQL database from an existing MySQL database backup. You don’t have to be panic if you have backed up your database. Click here if you don’t know how to backup of your database using GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel. Troubleshooting Tips: If you are getting an error while

Step by Step process of backing up a MySQL Database from Godaddy

Backup from Godaddy

You can backup of MySQL databases from your Godaddy Hosting Control Panel but if you want to restore MySQL databases click here. It’s very simple process which creates and stores your backups in a _db_backups folder in your hosting account. Troubleshooting Tips: If you have encountered an error during creating a backup first time, you

How to Optimize and Analyze a MySQL Database Tables using phpMyAdmin in Godaddy

Optimize and Analyze a MySQL Database

If you have deleted a large amount of data from a table or if you have made so many changes to a table with variable length rows such as TEXT, VARCHAR, BLOB or VARBINARY columns. When you delete the rows then they are maintained in the linked list and further insert operations reuse the old

How to set out of Office Auto Reply in Microsoft Office Outlook using Exchange Server

Out Of Office Auto Reply

If you are using a Microsoft Exchange account then you can set Out of Office Assistant with a specified message for the received emails. Follow the below steps to set out of office auto reply using exchange account. 1. Click Tools button in the upper middle in outlook 2007 and click on Out of Office

How to set Out of Office Auto Reply in Microsoft Office Outlook without Exchange Server

Out of Office Auto Reply

The following method will be applicable for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 without Exchange Server but if your e-mail account is connected / configured to Microsoft Exchange Server, Please click here to configure the same. Step-1: Open your outlook and create a new message as shown in figure. Subject: I am out of Office

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Before discussing about what are the key benefits of social medial marketing first we need to understand what is social media marketing actually. Social media marketing is the process or you can say a course of action of marketing through social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube etc. Today social media marketing

61 Social Bookmarking Websites to share your article

You can find many website links over the internet like 1000 social bookmarking websites link or 500 social bookmarking websites link and all that…. But have you clicked on those links. Many of them are not working… Here i have listed 61 social bookmarking websites link which are working when i am posting this article

Best way to Increase your Website Ranking From Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking logo

I am writing this article because when you host a website you always bother about traffic to your website. It is not difficult as it sounds but it needs hard work to submit your article to at least top 15 bookmarking sites. I know it will not increase traffic drastically to your website but it’s

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