Regular Tweet to Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive using Twitter

Tweet to keep your old post alive

Once you write an article and post it into your website, It lost somewhere into your archives after lot of posts. Readers unable to see your older post until you don’t tell them that there is another good article to read in your websites archive. You can use a simple plugin “Tweet Old Posts (”

5 User Roles and Permissions of WordPress Explained

Wordpress User Roles

There are 5 roles in WordPress that you can assign to people who want to blog on your website. These are 5 roles Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor & Subscriber If you add a user in your WordPress blog as an Administrator that means you are granting full ownership to that user. This means he/she can

Top 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO plugin forces you to select a focus keyword when you are writing your articles/posts, and then makes sure that you use that selected keyword everywhere. 1) WordPress SEO by Yoast This SEO plugin is highly suggested plugin by most of the bloggers. This plugin has the superior ability to analyse the keywords most

5 Best Blogging Websites to Create Free Blog

Free Blog Website Wordpress

A blog provides you your online space where you can write your own views, about your life, share your opinions about a topic in which you have expertise. As blogging is growing day by day and necessity of blogging services generated many free platforms which allow people to blog without spending money on it. If

30+ List of Best Advertising Networks Sites

Best Advertising Networks Sites

PPC is an internet advertising where advertisers gives money to publishers when the ad is clicked. It is also used to direct traffic to websites. An advertisement displays on your website when a keyword matches with advertiser’s keywords list or when a content site displays a relevant content. Such type of advertisements are called promoter

How to install and use Featured Post in WordPress

This plugin is a cool plugin that makes it easier to mark your article as featured post in wordpress. You can also add this code <?php query_posts($query_string.”&featured=yes”); ?> before the post loop starts and manage the featured posts from the article edit list. Step by Step process to install and use Featured Post plugin: Go

How to install and use Google Analytics in WordPress for beginner

Simple Google Analytics

Simple Google Analytics plugin allows you to easily add your Google Analytics code to your WordPress website. You have to enter your Google Analytics ID and enter the domain name. You can also choose where you want to put the Google Analytics code (in the Header or Footer). Step by Step process to install and

How to install and use Better WordPress Recent Comments plugin

Better WordPress Recent Comments

Better WordPress Recent Comments is fully customizable plugin which quickly displays recent comments list where you define its location. It does not add any major load to your website or blog. It is updated when a visitor adds a comment or when you moderate a comment of your website. Follow the below steps to install

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