How to Schedule or Reschedule a meeting request in Microsoft Office Outlook

meeting request

Is it really difficult to reschedule a meeting request? I must say no, nothing is difficult in this world if you know about it. When you don’t know how to work with the equipment, how to drive a car, how to launch a missile?  Then it’s difficult. Everything is difficult if you haven’t learned and

5 Great tips to improve Alexa ranking

Improve Alexa Ranking

I started my blogging journey on 8th May 2013 and my Alexa ranking was none for WORLD and INDIA. Then I did some implementations at my website then my WORLD ranking started from 3 Crore 9 Lack 65 Thousand 4 hundred Fifty Four and with no INDIA ranking. Today (i.e. 19th Jun 2013 after 43

How to install Alexa widget to your website

install alexa widget

As we know that Google page rank and Alexa rank decides our website popularity on the web. So you can say it is mandatory to install Alexa widget to your website to make it popular and increase Alexa ranking in the world.       When you install Alexa widget to your website, It counts every visit

How to Create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO from RHEL CD ISO files


As the current RHEL release (4) is only available in CDs, not in DVD but it is possible to create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO from these CDs using Chris Kloiber’s script file. You have to follow some simple steps to create a RHEL bootable DVD ISO. Step-1: Download from the below mentioned

How to change the SID of an Oracle XE instance

When you install oracle database 11g express, by default its SID name is set to XE. If you want to change your existing SID from XE to your SID, follow below steps to get it done. Take backup of your oracle database before doing all such things. I have tested this on Oracle database 11g

How to recall a sent E-mail Message in outlook

recall a sent email message

Many people says that I have sent my e-mail but I don’t know how to recall my e-mail message, How to delay my e-mail message and how to schedule a meeting request. This post is to let you know how to recall your sent e-mail messages without reading by recipient. First I must tell you

How to delay or schedule your e-mails in outlook

Microsoft outlook has provided a feature to delay or schedule your e-mails after a specific time. This means you can set the delivery time for your e-mails. You can also schedule a meeting request and recall a e-mail message in Microsoft outlook. If you have drafted your e-mail on 02:00 PM and you want to

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with 16-megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom Smartphone announced

Samsung has announced its most fabulous Smartphone with good camera. From this phone You can take full time photography because it is not just a phone now. It has many feature like 16 MP sensor camera, 8GB of internal storage with 1.5GB of RAM and 10x optical zoom. Samsung has given a new ‘Zoom Ring’

How to fast book your Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Website

Fastest way to book the Tatkal ticket from IRCTC web-site. We have seen in last few months Indian Railways has changed many rules and regulations on ticket booking. Existing time limit of advance reservation has been reduced from 120 days to 60 days with effect from 01st May 2013. Tatkal tickets will be available from

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