How to Add Twitter Update Widget to your Blog or Website

Add twitter update widget-3

It seems difficult to add twitter update widget to your blog or website but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There is very simple method to add twitter update widget. Open the below mentioned website to your browser, it will take you directly on creating widget for your website or blog. Now when

mHotspot- How to turn your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot by No-1 Wireless Networking Software


mHotspot is free software without installation which converts your windows 7 & 8 laptops into a virtual Wi-Fi router and creates a secure Wi-Fi hotspot. Using mHotspot application you can share your single internet connection (like Ethernet, LAN, Data-Card, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi) for multiple devices like smart phones, laptops, android phones, Ipads, PDAs etc. You don’t

A new Muslim search engine Halalgoogling launched


A new Muslim search engine has been launched that will block forbidden content as per Islamic law. It is said that Halalgoogling gives results like leading search engines Google & Bing. I have tried too. I opened it in browser and checked how it works? Enter your search term in search box like “Blogging Tips”,

How to Create a Meeting Request as an attached calendar link

Attach Meeting request

When you want to invite people to attend some meeting, you just send a meeting request. Recipients accept the meeting request and add it to his or her calendar. When someone accepts meeting request it goes out from his or her Inbox but if you want to retain the same in his or her Inbox

Best tips to Write 100% Original Unique Content for Blog or Website

100% original content

You will get 100% original unique content writing tips for your website or blog. This article will explain some simple steps to write unique content.

How to Add 4 Column Footer in your Blogger Website

4 Column Footer

In my previous post you have already seen how to add 3 column footer widget to your blogger. Now it’s really easy to add 4 column footer widget in your blogger website but some of my friends were getting difficulties in doing the same. So I am posting this article to add 4 column footer

How to Add 3 Column Footer in your BlogSpot Website

It’s really difficult to get a website template according to your need. But if you are not getting the desired template then you can customize it as per your need. The best thing is that you will learn some basic tips and tricks about customization of BlogSpot. Sometimes you want to add 3 column footer

Top 14 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Website of Jul 2013

social bookmarking site

Do you know why there is so much competition on the web? Because 649 million websites are hosted and 187 million are active of them. We will not go in depth why other 462 million sites are not active. There could be n number of reasons like this one. , , They

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