How to Boost Your Website’s Alexa Ranking

Boost Alexa Ranking

In my previous article, you have seen 5 best tips to improve your website’s Alexa ranking. In this article we will show you best tips to boost your website’s Alexa ranking very fast. As per AlexaBoostup,  Good Alexa Ranking is a key indicator of a healthy & successful website or blog. As a rule of

How to Change your Desktop Background in Win-7

How to Change your Desktop Background in Win-7

Everybody think that it’s very easy to change Desktop Background in Win-7 but if it is disabled from your IT Team then what to do? Yes, Win-7 lets you change the image of your Desktop that is called Desktop Background or Desktop Wallpaper. But sometimes in corporates, IT team disable this feature and you can’t

How to Re-Install GUI after .net Uninstallation on Windows Server 2012

Re-Install GUI on Windows Server 2012

Today I got an issue while working on Windows Server 2012. I uninstalled .Net framework from Windows Server 2012 and the un-installation was successful but due to .NET un-installation my Server’s GUI didn’t start. I tried to start it but only command prompt showed me. Issue: GUI is not working after un-installation of .Net framework

How to Setup 2-Step Verification in Gmail Account

Setup 2-Step Verification in Gmail

As security is a major concern for the corporations and individuals then why to compromise with Gmail’s account security. Gmail has 2-step verification method to secure your account and protect your important mails from hackers. What is Gmail’s 2-step verification? According to Google, 2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account, drastically

How to configure Microsoft Outlook for your Gmail account

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Although most of people use web based Google E-Mail system (Gmail) but some of us want to handle Gmail mails from client software’s like Microsoft Outlook. If you want to handle your Gmail mails from Microsoft Outlook, follow below instructions to configure Gmail account on Outlook. How to enable POP3 or IMAP account in Gmail

How to Solve Compatibility Issues in Win-7

How to Solve Compatibility Issues in Win-7

Compatibility issues are always been a problem in IT industry, especially when a new operating system comes out in the market. It was seriously a nightmare for many Vista users because of its compatibility issues. Even it forced them to switch back to Win-XP to run their favorite programs and games. It seems Microsoft has

How to enable POP or IMAP settings in Gmail Account?

Enable POP or IMAP Settings in Gmail

What are POP and IMAP in Gmail? POP and IMAP allows you to download email messages from Gmail’s servers onto your Desktop so you can access your mails with a program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, even when you aren’t connected to the Internet. To read your Gmail messages from a client or device that

How to Install Third Party Themes in Win-7

How to Install Third Party Themes in Win-7

As we know Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with a beautiful graphical style. There are several amazing and beautiful themes available with the latest version of Windows. But most of the users who have been using Vista or Win-7 from long time get bored with the default theme and want to install new third

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