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Top 31 Motivational Quotes You Should Read Every Day

How to get motivated

Everybody wants to become successful in the career but is it really possible to become motivated without a stimulus. In today’s world, it’s really difficult to get motivated without a stimulus and you would also agree with me. A stimulus could be anything like your parents, family members, your friends and colleagues praise your work

How to Increase Data Transfer Speed of PEN Drive

Increase data transfer speed of PEN Drive

This question is asked by many people that how to increase data transfer speed of PEN Drive. Just Google it and you will find many ways over the internet. I am also not going to tell you any magic but in this article I will explain you few simple tricks to make your PEN drive

5 Best Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Speed Up Your Website

Load time of any website is one of the most crucial factors which affect its usability. Most of the website owners and bloggers forget or fail to speed up their website.  But it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can use these 5 tips to speed up your website drastically. 1). How to Reduce

How to Boost Your Computer Speed and Performance

There are many options available over the internet to boost your computer speed as well as Increase Internet Speed. Here i have mentioned 7 Best tips to boost your computer speed. Step-1: Disk Cleanup: Disk Cleanup utility is an excellent utility to perform a disk cleanup and to get rid of recycle bin, temporary internet

Tips and Tricks to Increase Slow Speed of Your Internet


There are many tricks to increase internet speed but I used following tricks to increase my internet speed. You can also get the same results using following methods/tips. Step:1 Click on Start button > Run > type gpedit.msc and hit enter. In “ Group Policy Editor ” select “ Administrative Templates ” > “Network” >

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