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Google Adsense New Payment Page for EFT Transfer

Google Adsense Payments Settings Page

Google Adsense has made some changes in the payment system and these changes are rolled out since 01st May 2014. Must Read: Finally Google Adsense started EFT Payments for Publishers in India We have incorporated all the screens of Google Adsense new payment system. I hope you will like it and avail the benefits of

How to Search Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a dream of every blogger to drive huge traffic towards the blog in a very short duration but it’s not possible without proper search engine optimization. This is the basic question asked by many newbie bloggers. Is it really difficult to drive huge traffic towards the blog? The Answers is: No, it’s not as

Top 5 Google PageRank Checker Websites

Google PageRank Checker

Yesterday Google surprised to every bloggers and webmasters by updating Google PageRank on 6th Dec 2013 after 10 months. This is the Christmas gift from Google to the World. I have started my blogging journey just before 6 months and got PageRank 0 to 2 in this Google PageRank update. This is the best gift

Google Toolbar PageRank Update 06th December 2013 Before Year End

Google Page Rank Update

Today Morning i.e. 06th Dec 2013, Google updated page rank after 10 months and this update shocked webmasters because nobody expected it in this year. Everybody was thinking that Google will update page rank in New Year 2014. We all were waiting for this Google toolbar pagerank update and now its end; Google updated page

10 Must Know Things about Google Adsense Policies

Google Adsense

Many people don’t read Google Adsense Policy and apply in hurry to get Google Adsense but unfortunately Google reject their application. I have seen many articles where people claim that they got Google Adsense in just 1 Month or 3 Months. I agree with them but after changes in Google Policies India, China and some

Easy Tricks to Add Google Custom Search on Your Website or Blog

Google Custom Search

Google custom search is simply a search box on your website or blog which shows you results on search from Google. There is a major benefit with this search when you add it to your website. When people search in the Google custom search and someone clicks on ads appear in search results. Google gives

How to submit sitemap of your website on Google Webmasters

submit sitemap

Before writing this article I hope you have already registered your account on Google Analytics & Google Webmasters. How to register and link your website to Google Analytics How to register and link your website to Google Webmasters Step-1: First login into your Google Webmasters account and click on your registered website. Suppose you have

How to submit your website to Google & Bing in One Click

Submit Website to Google

In this article I am not telling you new thing about submit your website to Google & Bing but giving you all the links in one page. You have to just click on following links and you can submit your blog or website to most popular search engines Google & Bing. There are many more

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