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How to Find Your Older Tweets on Twitter

All Tweets Since 2006

Sometimes we want to see our few year older tweets on twitter but it’s not as easy as it sounds because we tweet thousands of tweets in a year.  It seems difficult to get them. Is there any way to get first tweet or older tweets? Yes, Topsy will help you to find your older

How to See All Your Tweets on One Page

View All Tweets

Is it really difficult to see all your tweets on one page? Is there any way to see all the tweets on one page? Yes, you can see all your tweets using All My Tweets. The website AllMyTweets.com displays all your tweets on one page. How to add Twitter share & Follow buttons to your

5 Easy Steps to Add Photo in a Tweet

Upload Photos on Twitter

Many people want to share their photo in a tweet. You may have seen many tweets with interesting photos, how they do it? Is there any software to add an image in a tweet? The answers is NO, this is in-built feature of Twitter. You can also add a photo in a tweet. Here are

3 Best Ways to Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive Forever

Alive Your Older Posts

After reading lot of things over the internet I got to know 3 solutions/ways to keep your old blog posts alive. As your website ages, your article becomes older and older and after hundreds of post every year it’s really difficult to receive traffic on older posts/articles. Here are 3 best ways to keep your

Regular Tweet to Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive using Twitter

Tweet to keep your old post alive

Once you write an article and post it into your website, It lost somewhere into your archives after lot of posts. Readers unable to see your older post until you don’t tell them that there is another good article to read in your websites archive. You can use a simple plugin “Tweet Old Posts (http://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-post/)”

How to Add Twitter Update Widget to your Blog or Website

Add twitter update widget-3

It seems difficult to add twitter update widget to your blog or website but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There is very simple method to add twitter update widget. Open the below mentioned website to your browser, it will take you directly on creating widget for your website or blog. https://twitter.com/settings/widgets Now when

How to add Twitter share and Follow buttons to your blog or website

ADD Twitter share & Follow buttons Add twitter share button and follow button to your website to help your visitors to share web content and connect with you on Twitter. If you want to share content of your website then use following code and change blue color website name to your own website/blog name. You

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