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How to recover deleted E-Mails from Microsoft Office Outlook

recover deleted emails

Microsoft office outlook is used almost every places including corporate world. We read e-mails and delete unwanted e-mails from outlook. When you delete any e-mail from outlook it directly goes to delete floder till you don’t press Shift + delete. When you press Shift + Delete, it is permanently deleted from misrosoft office outlook. But

How to install WhatsApp on your PC

install WhatsApp on your PC

WhatsApp is most popular messaging application for Smartphone mobile. But if you do not have Smatphone then you can install it in your PC and avail the benefits of WhatsApp. System requirement to install BlueStacks in your PC. You should have administrator privileges in your user account. Minimum Operating System should be Windows XP SP3

How to Schedule or Reschedule a meeting request in Microsoft Office Outlook

meeting request

Is it really difficult to reschedule a meeting request? I must say no, nothing is difficult in this world if you know about it. When you don’t know how to work with the equipment, how to drive a car, how to launch a missile?  Then it’s difficult. Everything is difficult if you haven’t learned and

How to recall a sent E-mail Message in outlook

recall a sent email message

Many people says that I have sent my e-mail but I don’t know how to recall my e-mail message, How to delay my e-mail message and how to schedule a meeting request. This post is to let you know how to recall your sent e-mail messages without reading by recipient. First I must tell you

How to delay or schedule your e-mails in outlook

Microsoft outlook has provided a feature to delay or schedule your e-mails after a specific time. This means you can set the delivery time for your e-mails. You can also schedule a meeting request and recall a e-mail message in Microsoft outlook. If you have drafted your e-mail on 02:00 PM and you want to

5 Easy steps to protect your folder (ProtectMyFolder) without any software

Everybody wants to create a Password Protected Folder without any Software? You can find lots of ways to protect your data from third party software’s but using following method you can protect your data just using a batch files with some commands. Step-1: Create a folder with the name “ProtectMyFolder” or any ordinary name you like.

How to enable/disable Task manager and Logoff options from Ctrl+ Alt +Del option

When you press Ctrl+ Alt +Del keys on your keyboard, following screen will appear but if you want to enable or disable Task Manager and Log Off option. You have to follow some simple steps to hide these two options. Logon information is hidden for security reasons but here you can see all the option

How to hide Recycle Bin, Add or remove program, Change or remove program page, Add New Program and Add remove windows components

This is again my second post to hide some other options. My first post was on to hide Network Connection, Search Menu, Run Menu, My Network Place, Log Off, Shutdown, Drag and Drop Context Menu, Change to Taskbar and Start menu settings & All program Lists. I hope you have checked this out. To enable/disable

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