How to Embed a Website into Another Website

How to Embed a Website

This feature is used by many newbie as well as professional bloggers to show the contents of other websites into their own website.

You can embed any web page / website into your own website by just adding a single line of code.

You need not to be a professional developer, just use below syntax and you are done.

In this article, we will use iframe tag to embed a website or webpage into your own website.

Syntax of IFRAME tag:

<iframe height=”400″ width=”100%” frameBorder=”1″ src=””>This doesn’t support to your browser.</iframe>


iframe Tag: iframe tag is used to embed a website into another website.

height: Sets the height of the inline frame in pixels

width: Sets the width in pixels, here 100% represents that it will use the full width of webpage.

frameborder: Specifies the border of the frame, 0 is used not for the frame.

src: Specifies the source of webpage to be embeded in the main document/ webpage/ website.

The text between the opening <iframe> tag and closing </iframe> tag is the text message that will be shown whenever the client browser does not support IFRAME feature.

You can see the LIVE example of IFRAME tag:

I hope this article helps you to understand the basic tips of How to Embed a Website into Another Website.

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